Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1 Million Gifts of Gratitude

Gratitude Power is celebrating Gratitude in the month of October by kicking-off our 1 Million Gifts of Gratitude project. Our goal is to bring gratitude and appreciation into the lives of 1 million people.

We start our project in Idaho with Dr. Maria Maricich who will take the first 6 gratitude stones and give them to clients who will then begin the journey of appreciation. As each gratitude stone is given to someone appreciated, we ask that the giver share with us where the stone is located and who you appreciated. This journey will be a amazing healing process that can create a positive and permanent shift in the many lives. Gratitude is powerful.

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Ryan Mendenhall said...

So, what happened?! Our Gratitude Wall would LOVE to hear how this went! :) Thanks, Ryan